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Step 1 - Service Type

We offer two service types for you to choose from. The contemporary services feature modern worship music led by First Worship, our praise band, incorporating instruments such as drums, guitars, and other contemporary elements. The traditional service highlights classic hymns accompanied by piano and organ music, accompanied by liturgies and traditional service practices.

If you have decided on the service type you would like to attend, it’s now time to choose the time for your service!

Step 2 - Service Time

Our service times are 9:30 am for the contemporary service, 11:00 am for both the contemporary and traditional services. The 9:30 am contemporary and 11:00 am traditional services are led by our Senior Pastor, John Miles. The 11:00 am contemporary service is led by our Life Group Pastor, Chris Metcalf. Each service also lasts approximately one hour. You can view our Facebook page to watch live streams of both contemporary services by clicking here! Now it is time to plan your route.

Step 3 - Plan your Route

We are currently meeting at the Fowler Center for our services. The Fowler Center is located at 201 Olympic Drive, Jonesboro, on the ASTATE campus.

Parking and Building Map

Parking is available around the Fowler Center, with a special section designated for senior citizens or those with disabilities located behind the Fowler Center. The traditional services are hosted in the theater room on the left side of the building when entering from the senior parking area. Riceland Hall, located on the right when entering from the front, is where our contemporary services are hosted. Additionally, there are a variety of Sunday School groups that meet throughout the building. Further information about them can be found on our First Groups page or at the welcome desk located outside the entrance to Riceland Hall.

FMC Parking map for the Fowler Center
FMC Fowler Center Map

Step 4 - First Kids

First Kids (ages 0 to 6th grade) meet on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights at the Cooper Alumni Center, located at 2600 Alumni Blvd. Sunday School is available at 9:30 am and 11:00 am. Drop-off for the 9:30 am Sunday School starts at 9:10 am, and the drop-off for the 11:00 am session starts at 10:40 am. Ages 0 to 6th grade are accepted, with 1st to 6th grade eligible for curbside drop-off. 7th grade and above worship with the adults in the main service.

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